Does the XBody concept make it realistic?

In a perfect world, sandals with heels would be comfortable, Brad Pitt wouldn’t have broken up with Jennifer Aniston and one XBody session would be enough to show off a dream body. Are we swimming in delirium? Absolutely not! There is a new electrostimulation technique that promotes rapid weight loss and works on the whole body. And no, we’re not talking about the muscle stimulator belts we’ve been using all that time from his couch. It’s about a new sporty and high-performance concept for losing weight while building muscle. Definition, benefits, uses and results, we have analyzed for you!

What is electrostimulation of the muscles and can it reduce your weight?

As a general rule, this is a muscle building method that works on different parts of the body (gluteus, thighs, arms, stomach, legs, etc.) and therefore allows you to build muscle. In practice, we wear a jumpsuit, a vest and straps attached to electrodes. This device stimulates the body by sending electrical impulses to areas that can be tone. However, the effect of the electrodes should be combined with various muscle building exercises. And if it’s true that electrostimulation can tone your figure, it’s not necessarily the most effective way to lose weight. To see rapid weight loss, the electrodes must cover the entire body. In this case, we are talking about integral electrostimulation like XBody. Focus!

Electrostimulation and rapid weight loss: What is XBody?

The xbody sport electrostimulation device will benefit the exercises for the magriri

What is XBody and is it effective in the fight against extra pounds? Simply put, it is a concept that consists of strengthening the whole body through electrodes that are in a suit. These electrodes are connected to a machine that sends electrical impulses to the areas to be treated. The benefits? Muscle strengthening, cardiovascular training, correction of bad posture and effective treatment against cellulite on the thighs. Electrostimulation can also be a solution against obesity and abdominal fat. As for the price, it usually depends on the subscription plan chosen. A session for 2 people costs around 95 euros, while individual coaching starts from 65 euros. You can find a monthly subscription from 144 euros.

The course of an XBody session

xbody sport buttock electrostimulation muscle building fast weight loss

So, all it takes is a wetsuit and 20 minutes to sculpt a dream figure? Not so fast. If the new method of strengthening the body is quite revolutionary and promises rapid weight loss, the exercises should be done in the XBody session. The electrodes only intensify the work of your muscles. The right frequency? 2 sessions of 20 minutes per week. When you go to the studio, a coach will show you the movements and adjust the intensity of the current type of each muscle group. In addition, you will avoid any risk of injury. Still hesitating? With XBody, you don’t need to put on your shoes or spend half an hour to find the perfect sports outfit. Everything is provided on site: t-shirts, leggings, shoes, towels, cosmetics, etc. Then follow up with 20 minutes of physical activity!

Electrostimulation and rapid weight loss: our opinion

xbody muscle electrostimulation device for weight loss

During our first session, we felt a slight tingling that was startling at first, but painless to speak of. Then, the feeling is good. During the sessions, we feel that the muscles are working in depth. You may even feel sick the next day. The results are definitely visible, usually after the first month. However, it is important to note that these whole body electrostimulation sessions do not necessarily replace classic sports sessions. So, it is better to replace XBody with sessions of jogging, swimming or elliptical trainer, 2 to 3 times a week. Because if electrostimulation is not considered a dangerous practice, it can still have unpleasant side effects.

electrostimulation results before after danger xbody

Good to know: this device is sometimes traumatic and can cause micro-lesions in the muscles. However, the damaged fibers are eliminated in the urine. If too much is excreted, it can have a negative effect on the kidneys.

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