Does sport make you lose weight?

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Yes and no!

If it’s good for health it’s not necessarily the same for weight. In fact, to lose 1 kilo through sport, it takes an effort equal to 9,000 kcal… or about 20 hours of walking without stopping or eating. But playing games makes you hungry! Let’s trust everyone. If you do not allow yourself to lose weight for sure, the sport tends to prevent weight gain and replace muscle with fat mass.

How to return to sport?

Physical activity is also recognized for its preventive action against many pathologies, all of us, young and old, sick or not, have an interest in starting or returning to walking, running, swimming, dancing… resolutions taken by French at the beginning of the school year or the new year. Unfortunately, a month later, 88% put their sneakers away. Choosing an engaging activity is essential for regularity. There’s no need to force yourself to go to the pool every week if the bathing cap scares you, choose an activity where you won’t back out. In 2013, a team from Inserm in Bordeaux identified significant interactions between brain networks involved in the motivation to do sport and the so-called reward circuit, directly related to happiness.

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