Do you need to do 45 minutes of sport to lose weight?

This is an idea that many people have in mind: you need to do at least 45 minutes of sport if you want to lose fat. But, is it true? Oumaïma, columnist for 6-8 you answer.

We often hear this and in the end, what we want to know when we are in the process of losing weight is what to do to lose fat and above all to maintain a stable weight, one where we feel good physically, where we are in good shape and where we have the best health.

The 90s and diet fashion

In the 90s, with the trend for diets, the idea was developed that to lose weight, you need to do 45 minutes of sport. This is the beginning of research on the impact of sport on physical health, the physiology of sport, how to maintain a certain weight.

And in fact scientists have found that our body takes our fat reserves when we train from 40-45 minutes of effort and from there there are conclusions that more marketing than health is obtained.

A depressing assumption

And it can be tiring, having to do 1 hour of sport only to burn calories in the last 15 minutes.

And after the observation of scientists, other studies were conducted. What we know now is that at the beginning of the sports session, in the first 15-20 minutes, we use sugars to burn calories. Sugar that is readily available, in the blood and in the muscle cells.

After 20 minutes, there are no more sugars available and at this point the body begins to take stored fats and the liver converts them into available sugars so that our cells can easily use them as a substrate. of energy.

So from 20 minutes it is mixed with sugar and fat. Then only fat from 40 minutes. So when we hear that doing 30 minutes of sport every day is not enough or useful, of course it is wrong.

Do you need to do 45 minutes of sport if the goal is to lose fat?

Well no, because in fact we realize that the process of using fat is actually a mixture of sport and food. If you’ve burned a certain amount of fat during a one-hour endurance session, for example, you’ll usually want to eat afterward.

And that’s normal, because you’ll be hungry. The body will change its stock of fats since it is used and if they are used too much it will stress it and maybe then it will want to store a little more. Our body cannot withstand hunger and therefore we are good at storage.

To avoid yo-yo

To make it sustainable, of course you have to play sports and generally be active for your physical and mental health, we can’t repeat this enough. It will increase your muscle mass and basal metabolism, how your body burns calories every day without you paying attention. And gradually, it will take away the fat. To do this, you need to balance your diet and avoid excesses.

Hold for the long term

When it comes to physical activity, everyone is very different, the best solution is one that respects your personal pace. So that it becomes regular and therefore effective, so that there is no pressure.

And a little advice that is very good is, on Sundays, note in your diary a sports window with the title of exercise. It’s an appointment you make yourself, it allows you to go there.

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