Christian Clavier: His wife Isabelle is in love with a famous singer

In the Splendid family, there are Marie-Anne Chazel and Christian Clavier. The two actors have also shared more than boardrooms and film sets since they have been in a relationship for years. From their story, Margot, 39 years old, was born. Unmarried, the lovers ended up separating, a painful break that nevertheless allowed them to be happier with each other by their side. The two exes rebuild their lives. Marie-Anne Chazel with businessman Philippe Raffard, Christian Clavier with Isabelle de Araujo, professional make-up artist and artistic director whom he even married after meeting her on the set of The Corsican investigation.

Before seducing the great Christian Clavier, Isabelle de Araujo knew love stories again. One of them is not with anyone, because it is none other than the singer Richard Gotainer who has come a long way. As proof, the ex-lovebirds have gone through marriage and have two beautiful children, Leo, 31, and Tom, 26.

Richard Gotainer is one of the most popular singers of his generation, best known for his advertising music before embarking on a more mainstream music career. We owe him particular hits like The Sampa, The Mambo decal, Chipie and The Youki. The 74-year-old artist has since rebuilt his life and all is well in the best of worlds allowing Christian Clavier and Isabelle to live their love unhindered.

The 70-year-old actor spoke about their meeting and their story in the columns of migratory in 2011: “I’ve always been a sentimentalist, but I express it more now than ever. My wife Isabelle and I have become a wonderful life and work team. I have complete confidence in him, his talent, his tastes.“A beautiful couple, no doubt!

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