Chloé Boileau: young shoots

A young woman from the region can conduct a conference on the virtues of being a go-getter. His story is like many others. At the end of high school, he could not choose which field he wanted to continue his studies. “I’ve been working in sales. I was a sales representative for a cell phone company at a big box store, Chloé explained. I know someone who works at Desjardins and he referred me. It is an understatement to say it: this decision to apply for the cooperative is life-changing for the main interested party.

After more than two years as a cashier, he moved to the position of member services agent last May.

The influence of a choice

The world of personal finance has a big impact on young women. “This job strongly influenced my career choice. I found the team to be friendly and welcoming. I feel like I’ve made my place there,” he said. The chops followed the proverbial boots: he completed a college diploma in accounting and management.

Determined to always be more efficient in her field, Chloé is now registered for an accounting certificate. “I still have a few more years,” he laughed.

We immediately felt that he needed to be always on the move, always motivated to absorb as much knowledge as possible. It’s the possibility he brings when we ask him about the aspects he appreciates most about Desjardins. “I’m always doing something and the days don’t go together. So we’re always learning. The complex cases I encounter allow me to improve and I can be a resource person when something of the same kind will appear again”, continued Chloé.

A world of possibilities

“For me, Desjardins always awakens the youth. Don’t ask me why,” said the young woman, who always had a smile in her voice.

He explained his point of view: “The team really understands the youngest and our facts. For example, I was entitled to a lot of flexibility when I was in CEGEP. It allows me to modulate my schedule to maximize my academic results. I was never made to feel pressured when I was given less time to prepare for my exams. At the same time, many of the managers are studying on their own. They are well placed to understand the reality of the student workforce. »

This possibility of continuing her studies while working for the Movement opens up, according to Chloé, a world of possibilities. “Desjardins is not just about finance,” emphasized the university student. There is a place for people who are passionate about marketing or human resources. Our boss encourages our progress. He submitted as evidence the fact that the Caisse Desjardins de Vaudreuil-Soulanges reimbursed his university education, which he completed in parallel with his full-time job.

Chloé says she likes the service center located on Saint-Charles Avenue in Vaudreuil-Dorion because “it’s a lot of activity”. Who is surprised?

(Text by Christopher Jacques)

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