Caroline Néron and her lover took a big step

Caroline Néron and her new lover are about to take an important step in their relationship.

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It was in September 2021 that Caroline Néron revealed that she found love again by sharing a photo of the new chosen one of her heart, Luc. Since then, she sometimes posts snippets of their relationship on her social networks.

Now a year later, the couple is about to move on to an important moment in their history, which is cohabitation.

Yes, on her Instagram account on Sunday night, the actress and businessman revealed that she and her lover will be together after receiving “a rare opportunity”.

“Personally, I would love to move! New decor, new energy! 🙌🏻 Luc and I have an amazing opportunity!🙏🏼
The only thing I will miss from this place is this amazing view of Montreal and the flthereFri.”

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In the last few weeks, Emanuelle’s mother announced that the move was imminent by sharing a photo of her daughter, on their balcony, admiring one of the last moments of the amazing view that given to them in their nest in the metropolis.

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“This place is amazing for the scenery! Let’s enjoy the moment! #movingsoon #dreamplace #aprescajenebougeplus”, he wrote then.

We wish Caroline, Emanuelle and Luc all the best in their new home!

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