Beauty Tech: The revolution in cosmetics is showcased at Vivatech

An emerging sector, beauty technology is at the heart of the cosmetics market. Vivatech 2022, held until Saturday June 15 at the Paris Expo Porte de Versailles, witnessed the progress made by the giants of this business, L’Oréal and LVMH. Two heavyweights in this industry will be at the new technology fair.

Knowing exactly the shade of foundation that should be related to your skin, analyzing the development of your wrinkles or even betting on light therapy to “slow down” aging, new technologies are interfering with cosmetics for several years now. . The Viva Technology show, alias Vivatech, which will take place at the Porte de Versailles until Saturday, shows how players in this sector seek to improve the effectiveness of their creams and products with a logic that pushes for special care and beautification of the skin. .

And to see the size of the positions of the groups L’Oréal (world leader in the cosmetics market) and LVMH in the show, we can understand the size of this sector that is also affected in two years in one global pandemic, where wearing a mask does not bring make-up departments.

Regardless, 2022 will be a recovery for the L’Oréal group, which will achieve a turnover of more than 32.28 billion euros in 2021. In Vivatech, the latter will put their knowledge in beauty tech, a market which are the same as the growth drivers.

Three revolutionary innovations

The Yves Saint Laurent Beauté and Lancôme (L’Oréal group) brands present innovations that can already be found in beauty institutes, specialty stores and even soon in our bathrooms. Starting with Absolue Dual-LED from Lancôme, a new product previewed by Vivatech. This roll-up allows you to spread a cream, but its application system on the skin has patented LEDs. The tool relies on light therapy with two specific wavelengths that have regenerative properties on small wrinkles.

The stand also highlighted the Skin Screen, a device that is present in some institutes and stores and invites you to put your face in front of several sensors. In less than a minute, they map your skin to establish a skin diagnosis, based on artificial intelligence. An application of the tablets will then show various problems, such as blackheads, sagging skin or dry areas. The diagnosis will then indicate the most appropriate care routine.

Care service algorithm

Always adjusted, in the Shade Finder section. A small scanner, inspired by electronic thermometers, will be placed at three points on the face to determine which type of foundation is most suitable. “We already have a large database of skin tones and skin tones. So we were able to train an artificial intelligence to distinguish it from more than 22,000 types of skin color. The application then becomes possible that will offer three different foundations that best suit your skin,” explained for CNEWS Annie Black, scientific director of Lancôme.

Beauty technology has become a new research method for cosmetic players, where AI, nanotechnology and even virtual reality make it possible to imagine new solutions or new marketing media.

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