At CES 2022, the beauty industry went metaverse

While more than 2,200 exhibitors were originally planned, the scale of the Consumer Electronics Show was actually reduced by pandemic-related cancellations. Despite these difficult conditions, the event once again hosted many new innovations in the cosmetics industry.

New electronic devices

This year, the global beauty giant L’Oreal unveiled an at-home hair coloring device called Colorsonic and an AI-connected system for hairdressers called Coloright, while the Slovenian startup of which Presented is a portable device capable of creating a personalized fragrance using a smartphone application.

After delivering a preview of its technology last year, Ninu this time unveiled its ultimate “smart fragrance” concept that offers 100 fragrances in one bottle. The device connects via Bluetooth to an Android or iOS smartphone. Using an app, the user can choose from a set of scents created by master perfumers, or ask AI for help in choosing a scent based on time, mood, and weather.

On their part, IFF and SleepScore Labs presents a new scent-based solution to improve sleep quality.

Metaverse experiences

But above all the expansion of virtual beauty that marks the spirits this year, especially when it is linked to the trendy concept of metaverses.

Procter and Gamble, for example, chose a 100% virtual experience. The company created a virtual booth, called LifeLab, that allowed attendees to virtually walk up to representatives of brands like Gillette and Oral-B to chat with them.

If not, P&G Beauty is launching its BeautySPHERE metaverse experience in collaboration with the Royal Botanic Gardens in London. First entry into the metaverse, it allows visitors to interact virtually with the group’s brands, thanks to live and simulated content. Easily accessible from home or anywhere using a desktop computer through, the immersive 3D interactive experience doesn’t end at CES, but is the group’s first initiative to deliver educational experiences and persuasion in relation to its brands.

Also, Perfect Corp., the Taiwanese provider of digital experiences based on AI and augmented reality has reduced its presence in Las Vegas and opted to open access to its latest technologies through a metaverse-like virtual experience on the website this. . The goal is to provide an overview of beauty and fashion technological innovations that will improve consumer experiences and prepare brands for the future arrival of the metaverse.

The new virtual try-on tools promoted by Perfect Corp. includes a new foundation tester, video chat augmented reality makeup app, and virtual jewelry testing tool. Perfect Corp. also proposes to democratize access to virtual beauty and fashion items by making metaverse digital products available to all devices with a camera, but also to create beauty and fashion which are NFTs and allow experiences in fully immersive virtual e-commerce trials in the metaverse.

A quieter CES than usual, but it allowed us to find an interesting look at the new horizons of beauty technology!

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