Artificial intelligence and skin health: L’OREAL teams up with VERILY

The famous brand of beauty products L’Oréal and Verily, an American subsidiary of Alphabet, specialized in life science research, announced an exclusive partnership at the end of January. To study the mechanisms of hair and skin aging, companies will rely, among other things, on the development of new technologies and remote diagnostic solutions, such as sensors and algorithms in artificial intelligence applied to dermatology.

In fact, former Google Life Science, which became a subsidiary of the Alphabet Group in 2015 claims that “the future of medicine is at the intersection of health and technology”. Giving themselves to the missionimproving people’s lives”, he develops platforms to make health data actionable: the development of wireless sensors capable of generating rich datasets, the classification of health data from different sources for learning machine and the development of “powerful” algorithms and the development of scientific research and studies that can significantly advance the basic knowledge of biology and disease. To this end, it entered into various partnerships and affirmed:

“No one company alone can bring about significant change in the healthcare industry, so our approach is to collaborate with leading life science companies, government organizations, systems in health care, and patient advocacy groups with additional expertise in the field”

An unprecedented strategic partnership

This partnership is the first in the cosmetics industry and should provide two programs to better understand and understand the mechanisms of hair and skin aging and thus enable L’Oréal to implement strategies:

    • To establish a biological, clinical and environmental longitudinal view of skin health, L’Oréal’s deep scientific knowledge on the subject will combine with Verily’s comprehensive expertise in clinical research, to decode and discover the links between the exposome (general exposures that the human body goes through during its life), aging of the skin and deep biology of the skin (which is the first program).
    • The second is a collaboration between Verily’s R&D team and L’Oréal’s Active Cosmetics Division, aimed at exploring the development of new technologies and telediagnostic solutions such as sensors and Artificial Intelligence algorithms used in dermatology. deploy.
      Nicolas Hieronimus, CEO of the L’Oréal group, says:

We look forward to partnering with Verily, a global leader in precision healthcare technologies. L’Oréal’s centuries-old commitment to leading innovation stems from our deep belief in a cross between science, formulations, and our unique Advanced Research capabilities, to decode the most revolutionary which are scientific discoveries and thus create the beauty of tomorrow. Through this partnership, we intend to usher in a new era of skin health, through technology and science, so that every person, everywhere, can benefit from the most inclusive, personalized, most efficient and accurate care about his skin, at all stages of his life.”

Brian Otis, member and co-founder of Verily, explains:

“We see the health of the skin as an important need for our overall well-being, because its daily impact is not only physical, but more holistic. Our common approach should allow us to know the right intervention, based on data from Verily’s technology and clinical research capabilities, while benefiting from L’Oréal’s expertise and links to the world of dermatology. , number one in the beauty industry.

Dr. Amanda Oakley, President of the International Society of Teledermatology, concluded:

“This new partnership between L’Oréal and Verily promises innovations for dermatologists and consumers. We look forward to making new skin discoveries through this strategic research collaboration and hope that new tools and algorithms will improve consumers’ access to personalized data to help them care for their skin more effectively.

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