Annie Tremblay, woman of heart and love

SAGUENAY – After 37 years in the media and 16 years at the helm of 95.7 KYK, a page has turned for Annie Tremblay, who will leave her post on August 26. A dynamic and passionate woman, her career is actually in his image.

“I love everything. I work with love. I always experience inspiring challenges! […] Now I want to slow down a bit. It looks like I’m going to take a break for a few months, to take time to live. After all, I want to make room for something else in my life. Do I still work or not? What is certain is that if I do a new project, it will be something that excites me and that will allow me, perhaps, to experiment in a different field”, indicates someone who works as general manager of 95.7 KYK and Ritmo 98.3 Saguenay.In recent years, he also held the position of sales manager for all Cogeco regional stations.

busy career

Ms. concluded. Tremblay studied Media Arts and Technologies (ATM) at the Cégep de Jonquière in 1985. He then started as a host on CKRS radio. “It’s exciting, because I’m a woman from Arvida. It was fun to start my career in my home region. And at that time, CKRS was the big station,” he said.

A year later, he jumped on TQS to present the dinnertime weather forecast. A new project during which these bulletins are created in the studio, the TQS weather forecast is presented outside, with a new concept every day. “It was Michel Desmeules, the information director, who had this idea. I did it for a year and I never ran out of original ideas. For example, I called the city employees and they asked me to all kinds of things. They dressed me up and put me in the back of a truck to paint the street lines, and I presented the weather from there, with the cameraman following me. It became very popular. People were talking me about it for years! »

Afterwards, the host left Saguenay for Rimouski to host the regional segment of Café Chaud, in the manner of the ancestor of Salut Bonjour, on CFER-TV. After a year, he returned to Saguenay to launch the promotion department of the CFIX station, now 96.9 Rouge. He made a shift towards marketing, then joined TVA, where he was responsible for commercial products for 10 years.

“I really have the opportunity to do trippy and always different things in my work. I love what I do with passion. It’s a great success for me to grow in my career. All my abilities are used. I have a place to take advantage of my originality and my creativity,” said the energetic manager.

The KYK Adventure

In 2006 began the extraordinary adventure of Planète and 95.7 KYK stations, where he was first hired as a sales manager. He was named general manager of KYK, while retaining his position as sales manager of both stations. “KYK, initially, was the last station in the market. He is new and he is from Alma. The owners want to improve Saguenay,” said Annie Tremblay.

We need to convince the population of Saguenay to listen to this radio station and increase the ratings. “It took a while. When I started, with my passion and enthusiasm, I thought it would go faster! Radio is about listening habits and it takes a long time to change people’s habits. […] We work hard as a team. Radio is made by gangs. You can’t do anything alone. We got our epaulets! »

Despite the polls often not yielding the expected results, the KYK team persevered. The feeling of success when the current begins to change is proportional to the energy invested in the project. “When the plane started to lift, it was exciting. Our efforts have been rewarded,” said Ms. Tremblay.

Today, 95.7 KYK sits in first place and has the highest ratings and market share. It is also the station that is currently the best seller in the Saguenay market. “It is with great pride that we have succeeded in making KYK the radio station it is today. I am proud of what we have achieved together. KYK is a team success. »


At a time when media management positions were rarely held by women, Annie Tremblay felt privileged to have access to it, especially since 95.7 KYK was considered a masculine radio station. He also said that he is grateful to his various employers for trusting him and allowing him to thrive in his work as he did.

“It’s exciting. I have had the privilege of achieving a remarkable career. I am a woman with heart and love. When I achieve something, I give 200%. I was lucky to have bosses who always believed in me, who believed in me and who gave me a lot of freedom to make decisions and try things,” he said.

With the recent launch of Rythme 98.3, the Executive Director believes that Cogeco has two complementary stations that are well positioned in the Saguenay market. “KYK remains number 1 and Rhythm is off to a good start. I think he will be very successful in the next few years. I am really proud of my employees. They are talented, bright and brilliant people. Good luck that they are there. […] I hope that the person who takes over from me will have as much pleasure as I had in making these stations progress,” he concluded, admitting that he will miss his team.

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