Anick Lemay: “I take life when it happens”

Actress Anick Lemay talks to us about Noémie’s seven-year journey, her breakaway character, as well as her career outlook.

Anick Lemay defends the character of Noémie Francoeur for seven years now on the small screen.

In this final season of L’Échappée, what awaits its television star?

“He went to Costa Rica to be with his lover, but he had to return to Sainte-Alice for family reasons. Clément (Rémy Girard) gets into a bit of trouble.

What he retains from his character of Noémie is the journey he makes through the ages: “Noémie is the pillar of the Francoeur family.

However, between the time I got sick and the time I returned to the show, Noémie became 2.0.

He returned from Costa Rica and was attacked there. Then he decided to think of himself before thinking of others. I think it’s a big evolution as a person. That he is part of his own team and that he will stop carrying everyone’s problems on his shoulders. Noémie became more independent and assertive.”

Beyond the characters we see on screen, there is the entire team behind the series.

“We have been with the same team for five years, the actors and technicians. Our bonds are very strong. Since we work on this series 10 months a year, we really feel like a family. Especially since the intrigues of L’Échappée are rarely happy. The technical team must have had a hard time seeing us cry all the time! He helped us play out the situations between takes.”

The young people he was with also marked him. He thought, among others, of Émilie Bierre, who was in the early years, as well as Victoria Bouchard and Mathieu Drouin, the performers of Charlie and Jules.

“I have tripped my life touring with them. I discovered wonderful children and fell in love with them. They are so natural as actors and bring us back to the basics of the play: it’s this kind of abandon that I find beautiful.

When he shot his last scenes in L’Échappée, Anick began his mourning, making his own decision to withdraw gradually from the show: “Since last year, I have not now, at my request. Seven years would be a long time. I like when things work, when things change. I stagnated a little at L’Échappée, in the sense that I was recognized with Noémie and not I am already working in other places. So I asked the team to send me to other skies, I want to shoot in another one.

He said that if he was offered a heavy role, he would think about it before accepting: “I want to find food in different fields. I don’t like being attached to one project. I want to discover more characters, stories.”

She is still satisfied wearing this role for many years on the screen: “We grew up together, Noémie and I. It’s nice for me, as an actress, that she didn’t remain static. But what I remember most from being film is meeting other actors. I pinch myself every day to have the opportunity to share scenes with Rémy Girard. There is a lot of improvisation and silence with him.”

She also remembers everything the production did for her when she was diagnosed with breast cancer: “The writers were great because the news came like a hair in the soup. The team had to redo all the episodes. Michelle Allen said to me: “Go and take care of yourself, see you next year.” I knew then that I would return to this family. It is good for the heart.”

If the actress wants to touch different characters, it has been done.

In 2023, we will see him in the new Télé-Québec series L’air d’aller, which tells the story of four young friends with cystic fibrosis who learn that one of their own has a little time left. “I play the mother of one of these young people. My personality is egocentric and narcissistic, which is very far from me. I see this mother as some kind of bug. I like when my characters contradict my personality. I protect them tooth and nail, these people. This is going to be a great series. And the actor playing my son must die! It’s fun, full of new people coming into my life.”

We will also see Anick again in the series Lou and Sophie, where he plays Nicole, a “little weird” girl, according to him. As for the One Way series, the sequel is expected in the spring of 2023.

Last year, the actress celebrated her 25th anniversary since leaving the Conservatoire d’art dramatique de Québec.

Does he choose his projects more after all these years?

“That’s a big question. I think it depends on where you are in your life. I’m currently at the cottage and I’m enjoying painting. I’m not tired, it’s okay! Choose your projects better, yes, but I still have to offer some. In your fifties, the papers don’t rain. Fortunately, my personal journey means it suits me. I’m in the cabin more often.”

In his case, his big question in life did not come with fifty: “I had it at 47, when everything exploded for me. I took life as it happens.

He also takes advantage of these breaks to work on writing projects. “I wrote a lot and I think it will bear fruit. I am waiting for a response for a project. It’s exciting!”

He discovered a new universe as an author: “I like to be in my cocoon, writing, imagining the business and putting it on paper. I always write, but it becomes more concrete. However, I am not’ y difficulty writing a daily newspaper, for example. I am the biggest procrastinator in the world. I click at the last minute, because I have that energy. I can write until 4 in the afternoon until midnight night like midnight when i have insomnia.

During the summer, Anick welcomed two Ukrainian women to adapt them to the way of life in Quebec: “From mid-June to mid-July, I helped them find a job, to integrate . Those were great encounters. I feel like I made a difference for them. I feel valued helping people fleeing war.

Her daughter, Simone, also came to spend time with her mother: “She spent a summer at a holiday camp. He started working and went to the cabin when he could. It was a perfect 15 year summer for him. “

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