Aircos deploys its powder expertise in cleaning and care applications

The French leader in the formulation and production of powdered cosmetics, Aircos continues to diversify its offer. After launching a range of cleansing and exfoliating powders in 2020, the company presented its platform at Clean Beauty in London. BeautyTabs technology for products with low environmental impact.

Refillable cosmetic solutions

it compressed powders part of a strategy to reduce plastic packaging by promoting the reuse of primary containers. They are perfectly suited to the creation of refillable cosmetic concepts.

With the BeautyTabs technology, Aircos is part of the product reuse and plastic reduction method: no packaging to throw away, no water transport and a refillable product for many uses. The company explained in a press release.

In practice, the consumer inserts the tablet into a refillable bottle provided for this purpose, then adds water up to the indicated limit. He simply lets the formulation dissolve and mixes his product to use.

“Clean” and natural formulas

Compressed powders make manufacturing possible nomadic productssuitable for multiple uses, and requires less packaging material, while maintaining the sensitivity and efficacy relative to aqueous formulations.

With this technology 100% Made in FranceAircos offers “clean” formulas, talc-free and silicone-free.

Aircos already offers its customers arange of formulas for hygiene products, 100% customizable, with naturalness rates of up to 99.7% of ingredients of natural origin, and certified by COSMOS. The company also works nursing formulas to complete its offer in the coming months.

Today the cosmetics industry faces a constant challenge to meet environmental issues and consumer expectations. They are ready to review their way of consumption and adopt zero waste approaches that consider the packaging of the product, its reuse as well as the impact associated with its transportation and the water consumption of the product. Generally, a classic shower gel is composed of 80% water, usually in disposable plastic packaging. With BeautyTabs compressed powders to dissolve, the codes have been redesigned to allow the consumer to reconstitute his product in a fun and ecological way “, lines the subsidiary of the Anjac group.

With BeautyTabs technology, Aircos strengthens its investment strategy, development and service innovation in solutions that combine eco-responsibility and efficiency.

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