After how many games you start burning…

No, you don’t have to run marathons to lose weight. Explanations with Pierre Thomas, specialist in sports dietetics.

If the simple fact of a little sweat is good for the body and mind, we have to admit that many of us also do it to control our appearance. but should you run for hours to effectively lose excess fat? It’s not necessary. If it is necessary to favor long-term efforts to burn lipids, it is a question of understanding fuel doses and training.

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45 minutes… or 15

“The body uses different energy substrates depending on the category of effort, explained Pierre Thomas, sports dietitian. In the beginning, in a very short effort, in a few seconds, we use proteins. Then, we move to carbohydrates and, in a minority way to start, to fat. Then? Gradually, the balance is reversed:

“To an untrained man, most of the fats are used on average after 45 minutes of effort.

And a confirmed athlete? Or just trained well? “It can be done from 15 minutes because the body is so used to prolonged efforts.”

The ideal game is the one you love

As you understand, therefore the length of the effort (or efforts) is important, and not its nature. “To lose weight, we need to expend more calories than we take in. And it doesn’t matter if you spend them dancing or riding a bike. 500 calories remains 500 calories, continued the expert before discussing the case of a patient who lost 25 kilos “who has an adapted diet and plays like Just Dance in his living room because he has a bad self-image and doesn’t want to dance in front of other people”.

The most important is that lasts over time, so don’t hesitate to find, you too, an activity that you like. The more you want to practice it, the more you will do it, and the more weight you will lose. It’s easy, after all, isn’t it?

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