A tool of transparency and communication, blockchain is settled in beauty

Like many sectors, cosmetics are not immune to the growing demand for transparency in products and their manufacturing. At the initiative of LVMH, the world of luxury took the subject of launch of the Aura Blockchain consortium, which should allow the creation of a secure computer protocol that gives the customer, through a digital certificate, direct access to the history of the purchased product – from its design to distribution it – and its certificates of authenticity. Because the blockchain is an ideal tool for giving consumers easy access to obtain information on products (composition of formulas, packaging or brand commitments, for example).

The consumer no longer wants a declaration, he needs proof “, assured Philippe Guguen, director of the company MAP Emulsion at the origin of Sorga, a French blockchain technology already adopted by many brands in the sector. Sorga creates, for each product, a unique passport that contains a lot of information.

The great interest of the blockchain is that it provides, through its decentralized operation, the guarantee that this information is accessible to everyone, at any time, but cannot be changed.

There is no central platform, but spread over tens of thousands of servers. Therefore the information cannot be deleted. When you enter the information, it is signed and dated, which for the cosmetic sector, guarantees the authenticity of the product and fights against counterfeiting. “, explained Philippe Guguen.

Track the product journey

You have to get out of story marketing to get into evidence marketing », confirms Maxime Finaz de Villaine, CEO of Bloomup Energy Fruit.

This brand of natural and organic care and hygiene products has launched the B-Heart application which, again through blockchain technology, offers full transparency and traceability of products, source of ingredients, packaging , and make. The principle is to provide access, simply by scanning the QR Code, to a platform secured by blockchain technology. Once the product’s batch number is entered, the user has access to all the information provided by the various stakeholders in the product’s value chain.

The blockchain allows information to be tracked from sourcing to the product, but above all because it is provided by each of our suppliers and not by us, it is provided independently, safely, immutably, it is true. It gives back the power to the consumer who wants proof and truth “, assures Maxime Finaz de Villaine.

Unique recognition and experience

For its nail polish brand Smart Beauty, Maeva Bentitallah won the technology of Sorga, whose numerical identification here is unique in every reference. ” Each passport is unique with its own code. Each varnish can carry completely personal information, which also makes it possible to create a unique client experience. “, he explained.

By purchasing the product, the consumer adapts this passport personally. It can access by scanning the “tag” four types of important information:

Who: who is behind the product – the team, the manufacturers and various suppliers;

- Where: the place of manufacture;

- What: The description of the product in all its aspects (color, dress, INCI formula, etc.);

- Why: the history of the brand and its commitments.

I can also add certificates such as the laboratory that proves that our Anti-waste cap innovation allows you to get 20% more product, or the test results that prove that our varnishes are safe for pregnant women , or even my vegan label. It is not tamper-proof. It allows communication and complete transparency of verified information. “, added the founder.

In terms of experience, personal communications or videos can be added to the passport and thus establish a direct link with the consumer.

Finally, the method may also be possible to limit the impact on the environment, or even the distribution of secondary packages. ” The benefit for brands is also changing the announcements in different languages. The information is more understandable, in all languages, we can add tutorials… and all this is updated in real time », assures Philippe Guguen.

Sorga makes it possible to provide verifiable, original evidence, to make all information accessible to anyone who wants it at any time, while limiting the impact on the environment through a low consumption process. It is also a digital sovereign solution, therefore 100% waterproof American software from GAFAM sums up the leader.

Consumers, who are familiar with the act of scanning, will find in this method a new way of convincing cosmetic products and brands.

70% of consumers find it hard to believe brands’ claims about their sustainability, 94% think they need to be more transparent and 71% are even willing to pay more for brands that provide tracking their products. So there is a big bet. If the blockchain is able to democratize, I think this is the future ending with Maxime Finaz de Villaine.

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