A study breaks the myth of the benefits of a big breakfast for weight loss

We often hear that it is better to choose breakfast for a hearty meal full of calories, but a study contradicts this saying.

“Breakfast like a king, lunch like a prince, dinner like a beggar”, surely you know this saying that emphasizes betting everything on the first dinner of the day? The proverb wants it during the Breakfast that we eat the most, without worrying about calories, to make the reduction of meals throughout the day. This is the perfect way to get the “line”. But a Scottish study turned this myth, as reported by the Daily Mail, according to a study published in Cell Metabolism.

On the same subject

The principle is that we accumulate calories during the first meal that we have the whole day to spend them. To find out if this idea is scientifically proven, researchers studied 30 people, overweight or obese. They have to do two diets for a month at a time.

Same weight loss

There are four weeks of high-calorie meals in the morning, with the rest of the day light, and four weeks, on the contrary, of high-calorie meals at night. So everyone has both types of feeding for a total of 8 weeks. A balanced diet is divided into three: 30% protein, 35% carbohydrates and 35% fat.

The result does not prove that a hearty breakfast makes it possible to lose weight in particular. The analyzes show thaton average, the participants lost 3 kilos for each of the diets. On the other hand, a large breakfast makes it possible to feel fuller, to feel less hungry during the day, says the study.

Breakfast avoids snacking but we can do without it

It is actually on this point that nutritionists insist when they talk about the benefits of breakfast. “The goal: to have a full breakfast so as not to snack in the morning, recently explained to Top Health, Nicolas Aubineau, dietitian and sports nutritionist. However, he added, yes we can do without it. “You can be satisfied with two meals a day, as long as you find the essential nutrients. In other words, enough protein, “good sugars”, “good fats”, fiberslunch and dinner”he specified.

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