A Spanish economic delegation is exploring investment opportunities in Dakhla

A large delegation of Spanish businessmen recently made a prospecting visit to the construction sites completed and those in progress in Dakhla, to examine the investment opportunities offered by this region. On this occasion, MAP reports, economic actors and business leaders expressed themselves “impressed” by the investment opportunities and the quality of the infrastructure in Dakhla, expressing their willingness to examine the possibility of investment in various productive sectors. . Thus, they expressed their great interest in this promising region and their desire to contribute to the dynamic economy, by seizing various investment opportunities. This visit, which comes after the Morocco-Spain Investment Forum held last June in Dakhla, enabled Spanish economic players and business leaders to discuss investment and business opportunities in the various productive sectors of the region , such as agro-food, industry, fishing logistics. and renewable energy. The Spanish delegation, led by Mrs. Maria Tato, entrepreneur who heads more than 30 companies and hotels, met with the wali of the region of Dakhla-Oued Eddahab, governor of the province of Oued Eddahab, Lamine Benomar, the president and member of the Regional Council and director of Regional Investment Center (CRI), Mounir Houari. In a statement on M24, the continuous news television channel of MAP, the President of the Council of the Dakhla-Oued Eddahab region, El Khattat Yanja, emphasized that this meeting is an opportunity to review the economic potential of the region and consolidating its position as a gateway to the African market and a platform for trade. In this context, Mr. Yanja indicated that the members of the Spanish delegation expressed their appreciation for the investment opportunities and the quality of the infrastructure in the region, stressing that they expressed their willingness to invest in many productive sectors, including agriculture, health and maritime fishing. On her part, Ms. Telisa Ramos Figueroa, entrepreneur, said she was “impressed” by the quality and investment opportunities offered by Dakhla, highlighting the importance of economic cooperation between Morocco and Spain. Mrs. also showed. value. For his part, businessman Mikel Aiestaran emphasized the importance of this economic meeting, announcing that this visit is a continuation of the Morocco-Spain Investment Forum held in June in Dakhla. It is worth noting that the Spanish delegation visited the port of Dakhla, the industrial unit dedicated to the processing of fishery products, the waste sorting center, the craft complex and the construction site of the polyclinic.

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