A 350,000 dirham scam in Rabat, concerned a lawyer and an officer

Linked to the scam, the lawyer of the Rabat Bar, a businessman who pretended to be the wife of a high official of the Court of Auditors and a former official, is facing justice. They are accused of playing the role of mediators in a legal file.

It all started with a complaint that the families of two young people prosecuted and sentenced by the Tangier justice, in 2019, to five years in prison for the crime of “constitution of a criminal gang, fraud and theft” filed by the Superior president. Council of the Judiciary (CSPJ) and President of the Bar of Rabat. A lawyer from the Rabat bar, a businessman in Bouznika who posed as the wife of a senior official at the Court of Auditors and a former Royal Navy officer were targeted in the complaint, the daily reported. Assabah.

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The investigation conducted by the National Brigade of the Judicial Police (BNPJ) under the supervision of the competent general prosecutor’s office revealed that the former officer of the Royal Navy initially played the role of mediator between the family of one of the youths imprisoned in Tangier. and the lawyer of the Rabat bar and received a guarantee check worth 350,000 dirhams for an alleged intervention in the file. This former Royal Navy met the lawyer in Rabat. The latter was accompanied by a businessman who is said to be the wife of a senior official of the Court of Auditors whose mission is to directly intervene in the president’s public prosecutor’s office. These three defendants will work together for the release of the youth who were imprisoned at the Tangier Court of Appeal. But they failed. The two youths are still in prison.

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Then the legal troubles begin. After being brought before the attorney general’s office, the lawyer was detained. The former Royal Navy officer rejected claims that he heard the lawyer promise the two families to intervene with the president’s public prosecutor’s office. As for the businessman, he said he discovered that the lawyer and father were married when he promised to marry her.

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