6 true/false can make you look at sport differently

“You’re too fat to play sports”, “You don’t sweat enough”. “Sport makes you lose weight”, “you are too old.ieille” or “You have to suffer to see the effects of sport”. How many of us accept (or even express) clichés about the practice of a sporting event?

Know that everyone can play sports. Today, the editorial team dissects 6 true/false facts that will make you see the game differently.

1-” I’m not good at sports »

This is wrong. here is one memory often planted from college sports lessons and left a trauma for many of us. What to remember: no one in the world is good or bad at sports. The trick is to find the sport that suits us. Some like basketball, others are more comfortable with handball, for example. Some prefer to walk while others don’t let go of their bikes.

Doing sport is accessible to everyonewithout restriction of level, weight, morphology… Even a paraplegic person can play sports by adapting their practice to their disability. Deconstruct the idea that you are not good at sportstrust yourself and give yourself time to find the activity that suits you.

2 -” Sport can reduce weight »

This is true and false at the same time. The sport, if only practiced for a few minutes, will keep the body in shape. He did especially lose water. If you want to lose fat and therefore lose weight, you should do cardio. which requires at least 1 hour sport at a fast pace.

It should also be noted that weight loss occurs only within the framework of a balanced lifestyle between sport and food. If you jog for an hour, but eat poorly all week, you won’t lose weight. Just maintain, or even grow a little if you take in more calories than you burn. Once again, it’s all about balance.

3-” You can become addicted to sports »

True. But before getting there, there are many steps to go through. the Play releases endorphins, the hormone of happiness. It also helps to channel oneself, to clear one’s mind, to work on concentration and to achieve one’s goals. You don’t want to be a high-level athlete? So don’t make it a state condition.

Practice sport to feel good. To allow you to do an activity you love, to meet people. You can become addicted to long-term sport, or not ! It is not uncommon to see non-practitioners who love the sport. but however, it cannot be a cure. And there is nothing wrong with that. The important thing is find your rhythm and the activity that suits you. Even if it means trying new ones from time to time so as not to have the impression of being in a routine.

4-” Exercise is essential for good health »

True and false. Because it is physical activity necessary for good health. Concretely, this means that if you pass at least 40 minutes a day to walk in a sustainable way, doing housework, gardening, cleaning, etc. that can equal a good workout. If, in the same way, you eat in a healthy and balanced way, you usually have healthy iron!

5-” Running is not for everyone »

True. If you want to lose weight, you tell yourself you’re going to put on your sneakers to go jogging. This is not a good idea, at all if you are not used to it. Running increases the risk of injury, knee pain, sprains and/or tendonitis. If you are overweight, the practice of this sport can be difficult damage your joints.

Better seek advice from his doctor if you have never practiced jogging. Also, be sure to prepare. You can start by doing example at least 30 minutes of brisk walking and/or Nordic walking.

6 -” You have to suffer to get the results »

Fake. If you are suffering a lot while practicing, it is because of this you are injured and/or you are not practicing it correctly. It’s normal to feel sore when doing a high-intensity effort like sprinting. But when it burns and you feel like you’re about to burn out, stop and rest. If the pain does not pass, it is necessary consult a doctor.

On the other hand, it is it is normal to feel pulling in the legs or arms. But the pain must be unbearable! Also, don’t forget to stretch at the beginning and end of the session. They make it possible to limit diseases in the short term and avoid them completely in the long term.

Of course, this list is not complete. But for many subjects, the game expresses clichés that are important to eliminate. And you, how do you see it? We are waiting for you in our forums to discuss it.

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