6 tips to lose weight

With swimwear season in full swing, we all love to feel good on our first appearance at the pool! Here are 6 tips that will help you a lot if you want to watch your waistline.

1- Don’t just use exercise to lose weight

Most people feel that exercising two to three times a week will increase their weight. In fact, physical activity is a wonderful tool for burning calories, increasing heart capacity and maintaining good health. Playing sports also allows muscles to function properly and helps preserve mental health by reducing stress and anxiety. However, if you rely only on physical activity to lose weight, your chances of success are slim. To reduce your waistline, it is also important to know your diet. Healthy and balanced nutrition can make all the difference in your journey. In fact, neglecting the latter makes it almost impossible to achieve your goals despite all the time spent training.

2 – Stop drinking your calories

Without even realizing it, it’s amazing how many liquid calories we can add to our day. Whether in our coffees or our teas, the addition of sugar and calories is everywhere. Also think about soft drinks and alcohol, they are full of “empty calories” that quickly accumulate over the days. Besides, Alcohol lowers your body’s ability to metabolize fat for 48 to 72 hours after consumption. This substance is not an essential nutrient, it is a toxic substance for the body that prevents the absorption of many vitamins involved in energy production.

3 – Avoid drastic diets

When we are not satisfied with the appearance of our body, we are always looking for the miracle food. Tell yourself that if you are promised that it is easy, with results that are often qualified by the number of kilos or days, you should be careful. Not everyone reacts to a type of food in the same way.. So it is impossible for everyone to lose the same amount of weight at the same speed. It is better to consult a nutritionist to help you perfect your knowledge of food and follow a plan tailored to your needs. And before you start a diet, here are three eating habits that we suggest you observe.

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4 – Be with yourself

With all the information that is now available on the internet, it is possible to find most of the answers to our questions on our own. It is a wonderful quality to find information and resources on our own. However, if you want to make real progress in the medium to long term, a fitness professional can make all the difference. Whether it’s a trainer, a nutritionist, a naturopath or even a community to find people to exchange with, these resource people will bring three times more chances to succeed and continue your development.

5 – Avoid grocery shopping on an empty stomach

Claiming that the grocery cart is more expensive when we run down the aisles on an empty stomach? We have this bad tendency to buy more than what’s on our list. We add without thinking too much about everything that looks good and satisfies our desire at the moment. Chips, cookies, candy, and the newest flavor of ice cream, looks so good! If you shop for groceries after a meal or snack, you’ll be less tempted to deviate from your initial list. If that is impossible for you, then away from the middle rows which usually contain processed products and focus on fresh foods.

If you still have this annoying habit of filling the basket even on an empty stomach, why not order online in advance ? By placing the order on the computer, you will be less likely to add unnecessary items to the basket and you will avoid long waiting lines!

6 – Give yourself time

We all want to lose weight quickly and easily! Unfortunately, this is not the truth. Consistency and time are the keys to success. So you have to give yourself time and be patient. It is better to disappear slowly but surely. It is realistic to aim for 0.5-1 pound per week on a consistent and stable basis. This loss will be sustainable and will allow you to increase your training pace and strength without always feeling hungry.

and don’t stay focused only on the weight shown on the scale! The body always needs time to adapt. In addition, hormonal changes and other factors can influence the entire mass despite continuous effort. And if you’re tempted and deviate from your meal plan, that’s okay. We excuse ourselves and continue our efforts the next day!

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