2 effective morning exercises according to Dr. Michael Mosley

Health professionals emphasize the importance of engage in physical activityeven for to be in good health or to continue the line. However, 34% of the French do not practice any physical activityaccording to the 2022 Ipsos survey.

Dr Michael Mosley, a British doctor and author of several science documentaries for the BBC, spoke on a recent episode of BBC Radio 4’s Just One thing podcast. two simple exercises in the morning to be conducted without equipment to improve weight loss.

“There are two exercises that I see in particular efficient and convenient to combine in your daily routine. First, resistance exercises such as push-ups, are one of the best ways to improve upper body strength“, explained Dr. Mosley.

“The second form of resistance exercise which I recommend you try to do on a regular basis is the squat,” the expert continued.

These two practices without equipment do not create no cost. They are accessible to all and can be done at any time of the day, so Dr. Mosley believes they can get into everyone’s routine.

About the number of repetitionsthe doctor shared his experience: “I try to do 40 pushups almost every day.. I also like walking and cycling, and I also force myself to run SOMETIMES“.

Beyond practices, the health care professional insisting on the time of day when it should be done. He said he would try to do it when he got up in the morning: “I did this as soon as I got out of bed, because if I don’t do them, I might forget about it one day. These exercises giving you a full body workout, help your heart and even improve your brain.” In fact, the expert also insisted other benefits they can have.

Squats and push-ups: benefits for the brain and sleep

The doctor boasted practice squats and push-ups detailing their other health interests. “There is interesting new research on the benefits of strength training (such as push-ups and squats). a few minutes of daily resistance exercisewhere you don’t need special equipment, stimulates your brain as well as your muscles“, he said.

In fact, squats are especially good for brain function. “Like bombs, Squats not only help tone your musclesbut also known as “one of the best exercises for improve your brain function surprisingly”, announced the doctor.

Michael Mosley then insisted interest in bombs : “It’s not just that they allow you stay tunedbut there is also evidence that resistance training can improve your sleep.”

Weight loss: the importance of a high protein diet

Mosley too insists on the importance of combining these exercises with a good diet. “I don’t think exercise alone will help you lose weight, but it improves your mood at least. The data suggest that combining diet and physical activity is a good way to lose weight”, he specified.

He recommends getting a lot of protein. “Your body needs protein and if you don’t get it through your food, it penetrates them through your muscles,” informs Dr. Mosley. In fact, as he explained, there is a low protein diet leads to muscle loss instead of attacking the fat. If you practice the two exercises recommended by the doctor, without accompanying them with a diet rich in protein, they not at their peak efficiency.

Recommended by Dr. Mosley consumes: “At least 50g of good quality protein per daywhich preserves your muscles”.

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